Making family photos fun

Family photography is always fun to capture, but choosing outfits for the whole family is not always fun!

Spending quality time with your family, over the holidays, are the perfect opportunity to take photos. It is not unusual these days for families to see each other perhaps once every few years.

The most important part of your family photography session is to capture the bond your family share. We are here to help you with the planning and execution thereof!

Allowing your family to be the focal point with this family photography outfit tips. It is really quite easy to accomplish, giving you peace of mind. Even your husband will enjoy being in front of the camera!

Keep it simple & classic.

Family photography sessions are the perfect time to get together, mingle and update your profile photos. We were fortunate to meet a few families during December 2023, who came together & captured their special moments.

 Choosing outfits for your family can be a daunting task. Especially when combined with different age groups! The main thing to remember is to keep it simple. Choose outfits from your cupboard, keep to something classic and coordinated.

You cannot go wrong with selecting basic colours and textured clothing items, remember to consider the season and location when deciding.  Focus on achieving a cohesive look and outfits that will give your photos a timeless feel.  

Five tips to follow:

  1. Plan your outfits well in advance and consider the different options. More time = less stress! Plus, it never hurts to have options especially when you’re dressing your kids.
  2. Choose coordinating colours, not matching. Pick two main colours and add softer tones to complete your colour scheme.
  3. Keep the location in mind. Select a colour palette that will complement and not compete with the setting.
  4. Choose practical and comfortable outfits. Do not make difficult on yourself or your photographer to get the perfect shot. Comfortable outfits will ensure smiles all-round!
  5. Strong prints and abstract patterns can overpower your photo. Avoid t-shirts with logos that clash and decide on one pattern for your family photography session.

Hang each family member’s outfit together while planning. This way you get a good idea how the photos will turn out. This will allow you a better idea of what works and what does not.

Select outfits that will make for a timeless family photo. You want your photos to be timeless & classic! Fashion style’s come and go, but photos are forever. When in doubt, consult your photographer for advice.

We trust that these tips on how to choose outfits will put your mind at ease. With a little careful planning everything will come together. Your family photography session will look amazing!

We trust that these five tips on choosing outfits will put your mind at ease.

Choose coordinating colours

Keep location in mind.

Choose practical and comfortable outfits.